iPad Mini 2021 Review: Pocketable Power!

פורסם בתאריך 22 ספט 2021
iPad mini 2021 is the refresh this form factor deserved.

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  • It is the best ebook reader on the planet!

  • I don’t like it that you haven’t a headphone jack, not even for the lightening headphones, I don’t have Bluetooth headphones. Not everyone has them. That’s the only no go for me.

  • Expensive?

  • I am a personal assistant and the mini is so much better than a larger iPad! Easier to carry on job sites, and take around. I also play piano for a worship team and this is perfect for sheet music while on stage.

  • i really want it to draw

  • I want this for its perfect for ebooks. i dont like reading on the 11". But The mni is too expensive for GB given

  • the ergonomics for marques is much better than most people due to the length of his fingers.

  • Too expensive for 3rd world country 😢

  • Put that USB C charging on the iPad and I moving back to iphone.

  • Shitty product from apple as usual

    • Lol go cry in your room you haven't even seen the full video and talk trash you samsung user

  • Perfect for my business! Alot more comfortable then my ipad pro 11” and looks alot more professional than showing up with just my iPhone pro max.

  • Is it called iPad mini 6 or 2021?

  • looking forward for: -ipad mini pro -iphone mini pro ipad/iphone passport size

  • I hated upgrading away from my first Mini to a 10" iPad because being able to carry a tablet in your pocket makes it infinitely more useful. "Buy your phone does everyth..." NO. I need a keyboard. iPads all have keyboard accessories, iPhones do not. Yes I carry my Mini WITH KEYBOARD in my inside jacket pocket. At one point I took class notes that way, skip the backpack.

  • Cool ipad mini me ipad Pro :(

  • I just picked one up. It’s basically my youtube machine. It fits perfectly in my palm when I’m in bed. Games are super fun. I basically use it as a giant iPhone because i have a iPhone mini.

  • That mini is perfect for reading ebooks

  • I am a music major student and I use it for music sheets, instead of having my choir pieces on a binder I just use this.

  • I need an iPhone Pro Max XL..........

  • anyone still use ipad mini 2? I do , and no reason to upgrade...

  • short explaining: ipad air but small

  • Not a oled screen disgusting

  • I use a mini for media consumption. I prefer small phones for mobile gaming and texting, and 13in screen for laptops, which I use for work and productivity. Smaller items are just way easier for travel.

  • If this had a similar camera to the iPhone 13, I’d replace my phone with the LTE version of this and use Google Voice for my phone calls. The dedicated digital notepad that’s always on me is a big appeal. I also like the fact that this is bigger than a phone but still fits in my pocket (I think).

  • This good for movies and shows ???

  • Architecture student, I use it for digital sketches on sites and notes during design meetings

  • Would this be good for HVAC TECHS to replace mechanical gauges. Mostly outside. What iPad has a better screen for outside

  • i need one as a bed table

  • Thanks for another insightful post 👌🏾 i feel like with all companies they will hype up their products in a way that isn't too revealing for more sales, making they look better than they are. But when reviewers like you get their hands on them, we get the real.😳 even though they added some great stuff, they're still lacking in some areas I know some people prefer. But hey I'm sure others don't mind and will still get it regardless. To each his/her/their own🙄

  • For me, the "use case" is reading books. I've tried kindles. First the Paperwhite then jumped to an Oasis. But they just don't do it for me. I've tried and tired to get used to the sluggishness but it still sucks.

    • I love the mini for reading kindle books , watching shows, reading magazines and ILaward in bed or on planes.It’s just easy to hold. I hate huge tablets.

  • People do not mini tablets....we need foldable phone like fold 3 or maybe rollable screen someday....This mini ipad is a major NO for me

  • The iPad mini looks pretty good

  • I hope i can have one for my online class 🥲


  • Would it be good for editing videos?

    • That power button on the top right of the mini just feels nostalgic man. Great thing it became a cool touch ID sensor.

  • Couldn’t they put Apple Pencil on the left and volume buttons on the right?

    • As a specialist I have to perform many quick ultrasound examinations in the ER it’s almost like cheating your way to diagnosis. It has always been a hassle to either drag a massive heavy Ultrasound machine, that doesn’t have a battery and needs 2 Minutes to start up or walk a sick patient to the US Room. This is the magical solution. An iPad mini combined with a portable ultrasound probe like Butterfly. There are even wireless double sided probes with curvilinear and linear sides with decent image quality and like 4 different modes. Apple even mentioned that in their keynote. We’re in the future man!

  • I want to replace my iPhone with an iPad mini for gaming on the go. I didn’t know if it could handle video games that well or not. 😊

  • I wish samsung would bring back a good 8 inch tablet. The cheap one's have really bad low lighting display.

  • What mini iPad case should I get for this one

  • Please tell which is bast tab

  • Hey , please tell that wich is better ipad mini or s7

  • This thing is cheaper than an iPhone and it also makes calls. Lol.

  • im just going to watch youtube on mine and maybe some reaction vids!

  • i use my mini for foreflight, i’ve used the ipad air in the cockpit but it’s to big and it just gets in the way the mini 5 is the best size and i just ordered the new one so pumped to use it in the cockpit

  • Long time user of iPad mini here (7 years). Gotta disagree about 6 being more comfortable to hold. Those squared off edges are sharp and uncomfortable for extended use. If you can get your hands on the previous models you’ll notice how much more comfortable the rounded edges are to hold, far more ergonomic and I don’t understand how Apple designers failed to consider this in terms of user experience and usability. Also the 6 is heavier at 10 grams more. Your videos are great BTW. Thank you!

  • Grandma bought each of our kids older versions of the Minis. The hang up is that they don’t update to the current iOS version so the new one may be a good option not.

  • Anyone have this? I'm choosing between iPhone 13 pro or just iPhone Se (2020) + iPad Mini 6.

  • Can you please compare it with the 9th gen one you were talking.

  • Intro track is Sip and Gossip by 20syl

  • iPad is a great product. Even the iPad 2nd gen still better than any other google product

  • I got mine for reading manga

  • All our band members use the ipad mini as a controller for backtracks and for following the lyrics of each and every song. This Will be my third mini.

  • I don’t have a smart phone so this is very handy for managing finances, online shopping, reading etc.

  • I wanted one because I love drawing but I don't have it

  • Please review iPad 9th generation 🙏🏻

  • my ipad 6 gen auto shutsdown after I upgraded to ios 15.0.2 can you help any suggestions.

  • can you run photoshop on these?

  • I use mine to watch Spotify podcasts, ILaward, and Netflix on the go. For example, if I’m playing my Xbox, I’ll setup the mini to play a podcast, set it on the table, and I’m good to go.

  • Gonna get it for my son so he will have his own entertainment lol

  • I love the new Minis but I'm kinda the same way. My use case fit way better with a larger screen so I went for the Air. I use all of my Apple devices a lot but my iPad is without a doubt my second most used other than my phone. I love to do sudoku and nonograms, read, browse the internet.. everything. It's funny though I'm actually typing this comment on my MacBook lol

  • Its almost perfect but the resolution for this year they should do better

  • What's the resolution?

  • Liked your other video for pricing discussion. Thank you for discussing the Company Prices 😁

  • I use it for public speaking, presentation writing, ebooks and surfing

  • Thanks you for the video 📹 peace ✌

  • It pretty unstandable what your saying a person who wants more they should just wait and people who are simple they should just get this I pad and the price difference is OK if they want more just wait or get another I pad or tablet

  • It's pretty good but this is for a person who wants to be simple

  • This a great I pad and simple but a lot of people make not get it because it just not like the other I pads

  • 4:34 this guy is literally a mind reader.


  • Apart from all other features, We buy it to read ebooks.

    • I’ve honestly always preferred the mini’s personally. It’s just so convenient to use. I don’t necessarily use it for productivity, but being a college student now, doing writing assignments in a nice convenient little device sounds very nice. But I mostly use iPads for media consumption and games, but I’ve found that larger iPads are so cumbersome to use for those things. I mostly game and watch entertainment on a phone or tablet while I’m just sitting in bed. Holding up a massive tablet to do that is so so sooooo inconvenient, but the iPad mini, especially the new one, is so perfect for that. I really want one.

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  • Damnnnnn the intro is way better than commercials

  • I love what he says with..you need to be intentional why youre getting it

  • Why you didn’t mention the display’s “Jelly Scrolling” problem?

  • This is only for pilots and medical students imo

  • This ipad has better specs than my iphone se 2020… im gonna make music and draw

  • great review as usual. i do want to add that i feel like youtube reviewers are sleeping on how nice the smaller apple devices are this generation. i don’t mean any shade towards marques, i more just have this feeling that reviewers have grown accustomed to pro model devices over the years. i’ve had the pro model of each flagship apple product for the last 2 years (not trying to flex, just work for a generous company that pays for new tech) this generation i finally decided to give some attention to the mini devices. It's worth mentioning that I'm a dev and I'm an extreme power user with all my devices. what i’ve found is that having a device that fits in your hands is more valuable than a lot of the incremental updates that get mentioned in most youtube reviews. both the iphone 13 mini and new ipad mini specs are near equivalent if not better than last years pro models (besides some minor camera features and smaller battery life on the ipad mini). I find i get full day use out of the iphone 13 mini and 2 full day use out of the new ipad mini. coming from someone who usually prefers the pro, the mini line up this year is extra special because they put in the effort to get most of the pro features in these mini devices. I think more people should consider getting the mini models unless you have a specific thing or workflow you’re envisioning for the the larger screens. from my humble experience, the added weight and struggle of lugging around large delicate screens isn’t worth the stress and you're only missing out on a couple features that the avg user doesn't use

  • I’m using it for personal checklists (ADHD), alarm clock, personal calendar, etc so I can keep my iPad Pro strictly for work, my phone strictly for entertainment, and try to keep those areas separate and organized. My brain just can’t have everything on one device.

  • all about your email please

  • 00:02:50 Cậu giống như Google vậy! Cậu có tất cả những gì tớ tìm kiếm. 🍁 🌟

  • Why we do not get that damn NFC ? PIV Cards everywhere at Europe now! iPad Mini,Apple Pencil & PIV Card Authentication is perfect companion for business world!

  • Power to overthrow a despotic government and to restore stability to a small country? That sort of power?

  • I have an iPad Pro 12.9 inch as my main iPad. I want the iPad mini 6 to use for reading ebooks, watching Netflix & ILaward, taking notes, and Zoom meetings.

  • Correction. The iPad air cannot use center stage as it uses a smaller camera than the mini and pros do. Its actually the only iPad right now that actually can’t use center stage

    • I ordered it trading in my 4th gen Mini which I primarily use in my side flying job. I use a full-size iPad on the flight deck of the Boeing 747 I fly primarily but the aircraft I fly on the side, a King Air 250, has a much more cramped flight deck and the Mini's form factor works better for me. The older model is struggling with the moving map software and I'm anticipating the new one will run much more smoothly. So, yeah, I am one of those users. Thanks for the review!

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  • Literally going to use this for my WHOLE aviation career. 🛫👨🏾‍✈️

  • i owned Ipad mini 3 and using it for 7 years. It has battery drain and i get 8-13 hours SOT 3-7 years ago. But now it only get 3-5 hours SOT only

  • When are you gonna start criticizing Apple?

  • Read my mind. While reading about this device, my mind immediately thought it would be perfect for note-taking, less so reading books but even then that likely wouldn't be so bad.

  • Looking for something to be able to watch Netflix on airplanes/trains when I'm traveling and am between this or the iPad Air. Is the 8.3" display large enough to comfortably watch a few hours of video playback on? Or would I be better off spending the extra money for the Air?

  • I like mini more than pro

  • Can review Logitech MX Keys Mini please?

  • How much fps of ipad

  • How come you rarely review other tablets? I've be wanting to know your opinion on Xiaomi pad 5. We all can't afford overpriced Apple products. So what's the next best thing? We need to hear from people we trust, about other cheaper products. Thanks

  • The Fore Flight app is used by commercial pilots everywhere. Hardly a hobby pilot thing.

  • They need an iPad mini pro already

  • Is this ipad mini worth for someone who wants a bigger screen just to watch shows, series, videos, and facetime?

  • Not even once did you scroll in vertical mode so how much did Apple pay you for this biased review?? The main feature of this tablet is the size which enables you to use it in vertical mode. Any review that doesn't include vertical scrolling is just a glorified ad

    • I’ve honestly always preferred the mini’s personally. It’s just so convenient to use. I don’t necessarily use it for productivity, but being a college student now, doing writing assignments in a nice convenient little device sounds very nice. But I mostly use iPads for media consumption and games, but I’ve found that larger iPads are so cumbersome to use for those things. I mostly game and watch entertainment on a phone or tablet while I’m just sitting in bed. Holding up a massive tablet to do that is so so sooooo inconvenient, but the iPad mini, especially the new one, is so perfect for that. I really want one.


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  • Imagine if you get adaptive refresh rate even with a 60HZ display, how much battery life you will get. Probably get that with an update. And if enabled even in macbook, macbook m1 would last more than 3-4 days.

  • Is it good to have this instead of iphone ?