Nothing Ear(1) Review: See Through the Hype!

פורסם בתאריך 29 יול 2021
Behind the hype these $99 earbuds are actually a pretty great pickup.

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Earbuds provided by Nothing for review.



  • heh, nothing

  • Would have appreciated a detailed review of the mic. Feedback of how mic works while taking calls. How do they work when taking conference calls on popular apps like Teams and Zoom. Also what are their range while keeping phone aside.

  • anyone know the exact name of this intro song?

  • I love that your videos are in whichever dimension their in, the only ILaward videos that I watch without black bars 😃

  • Me on my way to buy a $20 bud 🤪

  • Concerning the notifications, do they read your texts or announce your emails.

  • The ear wax on the inside of those buds...

  • This design is going to age. It's not at all timeless.

  • They suck, I'm very disappointed.

  • 1:53 ewwwwwwwww

  • which is better? beats studio or this?

  • Sound can travel freely in places where it should not. Because it is so “neat”.

  • Who cares it is clear

  • why the heck is there an op-z just CHILLIN in the back ?!?! expensive ass prop holy shit (oh wait Teenage engineering worked on these headphones. now it makes sense)

  • Looks awfully like the pros…

  • More like tra la la but nothing special, I thoat they’re going to be transparent blend in or something

  • Nothing ear 1 vs wf1000xm3 vs buds pro vs studio buds. Please tell me which sholud i buy. Thanks

  • oh cmon, airpods pro are not even nearly 3 times the price of those, you will get them even in germany for about 170-190€

  • Sometimes My right earbud draining charge in it's case. Is it a manufacturing error?

  • Looks so much like OPPO Enco W51 but these are transparent and those are white

  • 1:52 clean them before a close up unless ur riley Reed

  • pretty affordable $99

  • For whom it may concern nothing has the worst customer care ever. They don't care they don't answer and they scamed me for my money. I sent mine back over a month ago and still no refund. Be careful. Obviously there are better products around with companies that care for their customers

  • I'm using them and definitely they are better than oneplus tws... & Couldn't have asked more at this price point.... In general sound is quite good, you get a low-latency mode for gamers, ANC not bad either & everything looks, feels & sound good with these

  • But does it hold? I mean, really hold...

  • Why is nobody talking about the mike? WHat's the mike like? Can I do online meetings with them? That's the question

  • Man! When are you going to do review of ONEPLUS BUDS PRO!!? Man those come in premium segment. They deserve atleast a review on this channel!?

  • IT DOESN'T CONNECT TO LAPTOPS!!!! My laptop(windows) is not able to discover these earbuds... Did anybody face the same issue?

  • Been trying to get these for a month… and I finally got them today! Most of the time they sell out in a minute, so be quick!

  • Bro clean the wax of u ears first !! Wtf … disgusting 🤮 ..min 1:54 ..

  • Thanks for sharing your review Which one would you suggest between Samsung galaxy buds live or Nothing ear 1 ?

  • Can I use them with my s21 ultra

  • Perfect earbuds for that op-z in the background.

  • Do they work well with apps like MS Teams on a laptop?

  • It is support voice assistant like ( Google assistant and apple siri ) ❓

  • can I please have that op-z sitting in the background :(((

  • I’m just happy that teenage engineering is finally getting the recognition they deserve outside of synth nerd circles lol

  • does anyone have trouble pairing this to their PC/laptops? My iPhone can easily pair it but my laptop won't detect it anyway T.T

  • What is "Former Founder"??

  • I wish they were black instead of white. The debate is do I replace my current entry level ANC BT headphones

  • Got mine & I'm blown away! $99 flat charge plus a $20 refund because of late shipping! ANC is very good, bass & over all sound they sound excellent! I put up my over the ear great ANC Headphones for these! No joke, you can feel the ANC pressure when activated, not in a bad way. The sound for calls is awesome as well, I whisper when someone calls me & I'm outdoors & everyone has said they thought I talking right into the phone. Well worth the buy! I'm in Texas

  • I can say coming from Bose ie2 earphones, and the jaybird Tarah pros more recently. These sound good, are very light and the most comfortable in ears I've owned. Obviously if you compare them to the £3-400 earphones they aren't going to be as good. Overall though, they are very good!

  • Lets be honest here. There never was a hype. Content creators just wants us to think so.

  • After the disaster of 5 weeks trying to receive this product I can confirm that they are amazing for the price. Great option for Android users.

  • No. Expectations ARE the joy

  • I got them🔥

  • Brilliant as ever ✅

  • which is better if samsung buds+ and nothing ear 1 both at same price....

  • Really curious about its latency. Does it work well with FPS mobile games so I can use it when I feel like playing on my phone?

  • 1:48 "... Oh god the glue..." How about oh god your nasty ear wax, clean them before doing a close up, disgusting! 🤢

  • I'm losing my mind over here. Is it possible to disable the touch on these? And I'm not talking about the "long press feature". When I'm working out with my hoodie on they keep accidentally pausing 🤬.. please help!

  • I got mine yesterday. Overall they are great but Noise cancelation is no where close to airpods pro.

    • would you recommend? might buy some rn

  • Sonic Welding?

  • Why compare them AirPods Pro! Compare them with regular AirPods! Most people don’t have the pro.

  • Can you do one with the OP buds Pro

  • Aesthetically , they're cool. However, that just means most of the engineering cost went towards the look and they're like $50 headphones.

  • Which is better between these and the Beats Studio Earpods?

  • Mom: Stop buying things! Me: ... buys Nothing

  • I ordered mine today ! I got to say what got me to them was the fact that they partner with teenage engineering ! I cant wait to test out the quality i will use them for every day listening and also for reference to my monitors

    • So ? Did u try them ?

  • It's fun how Teenage Engineering is way bigger than some people think (not knowing what they do). Apple tech with TE Design would go through the roof. Im glad nothing did pair up with them though. Keeps competition vital and fun. I will get these buds once they actually are available.

  • Clean them before the close ups bro 😂

  • Wow

  • Flop

  • anyone know what the black and white audio interface behind marques is on the table?

  • Do the Master and Dynamic MW08 Sport review next!

  • Apple fan: Nothing is better than Airpods Me: Agreed

  • That case seems really cheap and obnoxiously big 🤨

  • 1:53 dude never mind the "glue" how about you clean your nasty earwax from them before doing a close up 🤢 gross

  • We need next one butt buds

  • It's a shame they're already impossible to get. This is exactly the type of design I love and want

  • I hope Zack is at peace now😌

  • Straight forward .. wish list on amazon . 😂😂 Thanks for reading ✌

  • You hate too much

  • Top notch video quality, especially the shot at 5:04 😍

  • Mkbhd fake reviews, 👎👎👎👎

  • Mic test?

  • Is something wrong with my ear buds? I can hear the ANC working on the left side when not playing music. It's like a really low but repeating "bop" sound, bop-bop-bop-bop... The base is also much richer when using ANC compared to OFF.

  • Sorry if this sounds racist but this guy is the most white-sounding black guy I've ever heard

    • If you felt this was racist what was the reason for saying it?

  • First you create hype then see through it. Lol

  • they are probably using ultrasonic welding instead of glue to seal the case

  • Well I got mine and I love them. They have updated the firmware so I suspect they have been improved since you got them? These things blow me away and I have all sorts of ear buds including Bose (various versions including the Noise Cancelling ones), Sennheisers, Jabra 75T's and many more and these are now my favourite earbuds.

    • @Familjen Alcover although I do like the Jabra 75t I would without doubt buy the Nothing ear (1) . They are far better and they have already had another firmware update so the company is actively making them better. Having tested both side by side the Nothing ear (1) in my opion are so much richer in sound quality, has much better ANC and definitely stronger bass. I note guy who did the review here said the bass sound muddy but in my opinion thats far from the truth. Go watch Flossy Carter do his review on them. These are half the price of the jabra 75t here in Australia. I was also speaking to my son on the phone using them and he thought I was talking directly through the phone because the sound was so clear. He too came across very very clear. I plan to use every day now and in particular for video conferencing. And wihtout a lie they can sit in my ears all day and I dont even notice or feel them. The reviewer said he couldnt wear them longer than an hour!?.... Thats absolute baloney. I also ride a very fast electric scooter, the Apollo Pro 60v version and had no issue with outside noise with ANC on and they stuck firmly in my ears. You wont regret the purchase.

    • I have been trying to find a video comparing these to the jabra 75t. Which ones would you buy?

  • Who's ready for a yellow pair of earbuds and case in a few years time after sun damage turns the clear plastic into a gross dull stained yellow.

  • This paid tout accepted he was dishonest in this promotional video on MrWhoseTheBoss channel

  • Returned the product to Flipkart. This is horrible product. The right earbuds kept on draining battery far faster than left one. After one phone call(10mins) right bud came to 50% from 100%. When the left one stayed at 90%. that's the reason i returned it cause the right earbud kept in switching off every 45 mins or an hour. Rest features are good but this is unexceptable.

  • Which phone did he use at 07:10? Thanks

  • how are these compared to the Amazon ones

  • this looks nothing like that ha!! nothing

  • It ain't nothing

  • I feel like it has better sound quality (esp the separation) than airpods pro. But noise cancellation is why i choose sony. There's a certain threshold when minor improvement of sound quality (major doesn't matter that much, had i care that much, i would've gone for Momentum.

    • @DreadPirate Flappy i'm talking about the sound quality, which surprisingly is a bit better than airpods (in some aspects, especially separation between the high and mid). However, the anc (noise canc) is far apart between them, it's very distinct. Conclusion: to have good noise cancellation you have to pay premium. And because i held anc in high regards, I'm using sony, instead of other brands. [FOR ME, GOOD NOISE CANCELLATION IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN SOUND QUALITY, DUE TO MY FREQUENT FLYING AND TRAVELING]. If i care that much about sound quality, I would've used the momentum from sennheiser.

    • Sony ones are literally 3 times the price though.

  • So, no frequency response testing then? Afraid of scaring us with a graph?

  • Airpods Pro cost 3 times more? Where do you live? Here in Germany Airpods Pro only cost 60-70 € more than the nothing ear 1 and I would pay more if you want the BEST BUDS on market!

  • torn between these and the pixel buds a series

  • This headphone look like cyber style

  • The look of this wireless ear buds looks so transparent and design is fantastic

  • just got mine...

  • if off-white made tech it would look exactly like this

  • Using it won’t recommend it if you are using iOS.

  • what did u guys do when the earbuds didn't connect, or acted glitchy

  • Now watching in Nothing ear 1.

  • Half of the video all I heard was hype hype hype.