RED V-RAPTOR Impressions: 8K 120fps!

פורסם בתאריך 29 ספט 2021
The most powerful camera I've ever used. Note: V-RAPTOR's sensor, while it's the same size and resolution as MONSTRO, actually uses new silicon and therefore has new color science!
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  • DJI 4D 8k?

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  • Yawn

  • VelociRaptor

  • Velociraptor

  • 30k for this thing lol

  • can you also review DJI RONIN 4D ? It looks very promising 👌

  • not needed becoz the results will not run on my tv , laptop or mobile until i degrade it's resolution.

  • HD-DVD??? 1080p...

  • V for veloci[ty]-raptor...was one of the first things that came to mind. Vité - french for speed...idk.

  • How nice of RED to give you the I/O built in instead of charging $2k for it. Great cameras but their accessory prices are just out of control.

  • 1:50 -- Nupe... it's an entirely new sensor. If you just shoot side by side, you can see the big difference. And, it's a LOT cleaner in low light. Shoot ISO 6400 and see what you get.

  • V stands for Veloci and I would shoot "corn"

  • The V stands for video I'm assuming, and I would shoot porn; not of myself but of paid actors.


  • when you get used to looking at beautiful apple hardware it is weird to see such an expensive piece of tech look so ugly. i mean look at the massive bezels on that screen doe.

  • but what did he record the cameras with? lol

  • If you’re not going to use it Marques, I’ll buy it off you! As a filmmaker who wants to make movies. I certainly would love that white body camera 🤣💀

  • Where could I buy it? Please I need it, right now!

  • Intro track is Avant-propos by 20syl, pretty sick track

  • Too much camera for sitting projects

  • So, 4k 240fps videos will be thing soon?

  • 5:45 check your edit !

  • Would anyone else love it if Marques started reviewing high-end mirrorless cameras like the Canon R3, Nikon Z9 ect. ?

  • My $2,500 camera can record C4k at 100fps in 422 - completely silent - no internal fan. Is the extra cost worth twice the resolution??? Maybe for Hollywood budgets, but not for the needs of most indie filmmakers.

  • V for VICTORY.

  • Global shutter???

  • Wow

  • Great investment! A suggestion from my side if you don't mind, upload videos in 4k 60FPS.

  • What if you recorded 1 video with a iPhone 13 pro max and see if anyone sees the difference

  • I have never shoot with this if I got that camera I will shoot 4k60 or 8k

  • Is this a new camera 🤔

  • Do those have 8k in one of those cameras

  • I'd break in your warehouse and steal that shit so I can sell it after.

  • Cool shirt

  • Get DBRAND to make you a vantablack like skin for your camera so that it can’t be seen in reflections

    • Actually nvm heat

  • ONE DAY I SHALL HAEVE A RED!!! Currently shooting on a Blackmagic 6K

  • I thought my cannon powershot sx-40 was good

  • Dam. If I had a camera like that I would shoot an Eagle or Hawk dive-bombing its prey.

  • ya 99.99% people watching the videos on 1080p

  • Bow chicka wow wow 😏

  • "I like the white & black accents" ...bfd

  • Gamers like me be like : Is it good to record handcam?

  • I see the current canon you use goes up to 4K 30. Should I just use my iPhone at 4K 60? I’m starting a ILaward soon

  • Ambitious but unaffordable .....

  • The V? Like Velociraptor. Or in Latin “Swift Seizer”. Because it’s fast.

  • Bao nhiêu lâu nữa thì bán được 1 tỷ gói mè?

  • I would shoot a Velociraptor ; fastest dinosaur i guess...a metaphor? komodo ...etc they really need to work on their naming ... at least on par with the logo ! thnx

  • If you use this RED V-RAPTOR, you can capture footage of classified seven feet tall creatures in urban, suburban, and wildlife areas more easily at night. Even if you drop the RAPTOR, the footage on the RAPTOR has proof of what you captured on footage.

  • 120fps video: no 60fps

  • Android had this years ago

  • The only thing cheap on this is video is the fabric of his shirt. 😆

  • This thing looks like some time traveling device in a cube form.

  • I dont need this but I want it.

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  • Where did you get that shirt??? Love it!

  • i have video For.....

  • i have one idea?/

  • Please tell me what camera do you use

  • I'd shoot birds in flight at 120fps at 8K, might use software to stretch that a little farther. I'm not a video guy at a all, I'm a photographer. But I can appreciate what goes into it and it is a whole other skill set. One that I don't have.

  • Gymnastics and ballet in natural light would be really interesting at 8k120; The non plus ultra of cinema, for me at least, would be an entire feature film at 8k120. This would allow for slow motion sequences whenever and keeping every frame at the same rate makes for a more cohesive look. There would need to be some accounting for the loss of a few stops of dynamic range, so more light would be needed but since many directors utilize daylight, dynamic range would still be satisfactory. Have you given any thought to how incredible it would be to have something you've produced printed to film at 24fps? The color grading would be so lush that the look may be too beautiful.

  • But $29k to buy it….😲

  • Myann I got so much Crispy videos ❣️❣️😍

  • “V” stands for very expensive.

  • I don’t own any camera but loves these reviews lol

  • Companies are very innovative. They can make you buy their one item twice and many times after.😐 And these influencers are promoting it like a desirable relic.

  • Price of Body V-RAPTOR ??

  • Wow Awesome Camera, a little out of my league.... New Subscriber here!

  • skate slowmo documentary =)

  • good video -love your straightforward review style ---loved cameras since I was a kid with monochrome film and the vats of photo developing tanks. love the v-raptor zoom lens attachment ---neat!

  • that a nice camera, but no where near what the slow mo guys shooting with, the question here that the rest has to follow, you will need a very powerful computer to edit , and 8 k monitor (television) to view, theaters equipped with 8 k projectors, audience who want to watch 8 k footage, and 120 fps is kind of slow for fast action , so in my opinion it is probably better to use lower resolution with higher frame rates, if you need to slow down you're action shots

  • White camera! DBrand- Say no more!

  • MKBHD : " Uploading 8K 120 FPS...... ILaward : "Wait for us.....

  • The V is surely the first part of "Veloci-Raptor" ?

  • V stands for Veloci

  • Veloci-Raptor

  • V Stands for Vista as in "Vista Vision 35mm"

  • Love watching these videos of stuff I can’t afford. 30 somewhat k for it to actually shoot and record. Besides that u need some good i9 quad core pc with hella lot ram and vram and some expensive software to edit it.

    • Nah, a MAC PRO would probably be more like it, and better

    • Lol😃💯 truth be told

  • V-Raptor ? VelociRaptor of course xD

  • Veloci-Raptor

  • VV : Vista Vision ?? 😅

  • $24,500 to shot ILaward videos....😱 I know you're rich and all but, you cray cray.

  • Weddings omg love it

  • Why they gave only one slot for media😞

  • Too much sand for my truck!!! I can't afford it....

  • Heavy is good. Heavy is sign of reliability. And if it does not work, you can always hit him with it. Edit: If I could, I would mate it the new Canon VR lens (even with the tiny Interocular distance between lenses) for 180 VR action filming. VR footage needs high frame rates and even higher frame sizes to be viable. You wouldn't want to see First Person VR footage of a Quad Race in the desert at 30fps 4k. You _need_ raw footage that starts around 6k and 60fps, as a minimum. Before you get to Post.

  • V is fir the “Vista Vision” sensor. Historically a VistaVision film camera utilized the full frame 35mm film plane where most “Super 35mm” turned the film vertical and added an audio strip doen the side, effectively shrinking the film plain per frame. Also, in the live release, the sensor itself is touted as a brand new sensor with faster readout. But maybe you are correct and it’s just a faster processor?

  • That shirt is creepy/ What are you really into?

  • But Apple said their iPhone 13 is cinematic - and those directors in the promo videos said so too - so why do you need a Red?

    • Intro 🔥 MKBHD: "It's been a HOT minute since there was a camera change here in the MKBHD studio" Me: Bro....

    • Are you being serious right now, or is this sarcastic. The iPhone uses software to mimic DSLR focus. Even then it still doesn’t come close to the quality of a conventional camera. The iPhone 13 would be great for most average users, but for an actual videographer it wouldn’t be enough

  • All the matter is how much it cost?

  • will shoot porn with this

  • V for video?

  • Intro synth hits different

  • With 8k i would shoot everything i could think of. Me hiking, welding, firearm practice, gym time, etc, just to see what those activities looks like in 8k.

  • For $24,500 this camera better be able to do whatever i can imagine😁

  • Cant wait to look back at these videos 10 years from now, seeing how technology has advanced, 8k 960fps will be common even on a smart phone

    • When that happens 12K will be the next big thing

  • V stands for vision

  • yo

  • Superb