Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Impressions: Design Refresh!

驻讜专住诐 讘转讗专讬讱 11 讗讜讙 2021
The Z Flip 3 gets redesigned, drops (technically) to $999, and adds 120Hz 馃

Galaxy Z Fold 3 Impressions:

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  • Bro z flip 3 cool CC oo ll

  • This is my dream phone馃槏

  • yea and watch the screen break after his first time flipping it, Apple iPhone is still the master race of smart phones.

  • I love the phone but its much slower than my Pixel 4.

  • I鈥檓 team apple and this is the first time I ever considered switching. Apple definitely is way behind

  • HELP! Who knows the brand of T shirt he is wearing 锛烮 like it so much.

  • Watching mhkbh while made me realize that this dude got ET fingers 馃槶

  • Samsung : Foldable phone Apple: less notch 20% 馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦

  • I鈥檝e watched way too many tech videos and still can鈥檛 decide between this or the 13 Pro 馃槱

  • Definitely getting this for my mom's birthday next month

  • Now they are doing trade ins for Samsung phones. I have tiny hands so I need something smaller plus I don't like carrying my big samsung galaxy s21 plus in my pocket it's too round and heavy....definitely need something smaller lol

  • Samsung flip 3 still memory leaks still no rcs support still bloatware but can expand

  • Technology is growing to fast

  • Marques someone was walking behind u in the video

  • Looks like my new dream phone

  • Watch Iphone change up tomorrow LOL

  • Bring back history technology!!

  • I was told to stay away from these phones, the guy at the local store here said the screen will start to lift off the surface after a certain amount of flips鈥

  • Never getting anything samsung. They record your calls and take you personal identifying information and "accidentally" leak it to third party companies.

  • $9.99? Or $999

  • To stay in business you have to keep reinventing. Well done Samsung. I am learning fast.

  • how do you think the hinge will hold up

  • Does the cover screen have a pre-installed protector or do I need to add one??

  • And this is why I am pretty much an Samsung user for life 馃槍馃槤馃榿

  • Not going to lie. I badly miss my flip phone I had as a teen.

  • Damn I might have to switch off IPhone this is so dope and the customization of Android OS is so sick

  • Switched from iphone to this a couple weeks ago been a adjustment but got to say i love it

  • Apple will make Flip phone too AHa ha ha that鈥檚 they鈥檙e good at Copying鈥

  • 3:20 yoink

  • No crazy purple color? no buy

  • I鈥檓 an Apple user myself but that little Z flip 3 phone has me like馃槏

  • Just ordered one of these phones. Looks dope af I even ordered the Creme color shown in this video.

  • Bouto grab the 1 now because that's what I can afford and I absolutely need it

  • I dont know which one to get 馃様 heck, I'll get them both 馃ぃ馃ぃ

  • I seems amazing, but I am concerned that if I buy it would drop the phone and the screen will break. I believe it can鈥檛 have a screen protector, or am I wrong?

    • Screen is rlly not that good so u should get a protecter

  • Motorolla

  • I got one

  • Folded the top of this looks like a freaking weed scale. Can I weigh my bud with it?

  • I'm young and have around 1500 lying in the bank, might get this

  • 1:59 I want that wallpaper!馃槕馃槓

  • When I released??according is in August is has already pass a month 馃ぃ

  • 3:21 somebody swiped ur box!

  • IPhone K100: *starts loading* Me:YESS

  • so coool!!!

  • im gonna have this phone by the end of the month

  • 3:21 snaped me out! i麓m curious about what the black object is lol

  • Samsung does not stand behind their products. Bixby does not provide support in many countries such as ecg. Technical service is insufficient, support centers are company, not customer-oriented.

  • Punch hole

  • Man, I wish the phone was a normal size. Feels a little too long.

  • I have loved flip phones since the Razor馃ゴ

  • Can someone explain how about the casing? 馃ぃ

  • NO NO NO 馃檯馃徎鈥嶁檧锔 Don鈥檛 buy the Samsung flip 3. I bought the phone on Sunday and just returned it today. I鈥檓 telling you now the battery life is terrible鈥. I had my phone charge last night went in T-Mobile today without using my phone and my battery dropped down to 80 percent ! The phone is great, love the features and all the updates but the BATTERY 馃攱馃ゲ馃槶

    • @Chris Choi lol there鈥檚 no way I鈥檒l get used to it. My iPhone 11 I had for two years now, the battery life is 10x better.

    • Yeah the battery sucks but u get used to it

  • I've using the note since like 2012...and im really considering upgrading to this one.

    • I actually want this phone. That folding feature would be amazing. Today's phones feel so big and tall, it feels impossible to keep them in your pocket without it feeling awkward. But if you can have a a Samsung 21 that folds into your pocket? That seems like heaven to me personally. AND the easy accessibility to your music, weather, time, and notifications, that's awesome. The only thing that may suck is if the screen cracks and prevents the phone to fold. Other than that, this phone seems really cool

  • Check out the link down in my comment below of the Samsung Galaxy Z,it's so awesome

  • Okie dokie, after long i m going to buy it now 馃挄

  • What about pen is it attached ?

  • It鈥檚 like buying a foldable iPhone 13 pro but a little better because flip

  • I came here becuz of bts using this phone now i also want one .....zezez 7馃ゴ

    • This thing is freaking gorgeous. I thought the last version looked like a toy, but I might consider getting a flip phone when my S21 Ultra gets old!

  • where the fuck have i been?? we had foldable touch phones all this time???!?! WHHAT

  • Idk if I got a lemon but I keep losing connection both phone and internet.Verizon 5g my last 4g on Verizon was solid so idk if it's the phone or 5g

  • No thanks. I wanted it but I ain't paying over a grand (after taxes and fees) for a phone that my pocket lint is gonna ruin over time

    • 靷检劚!

  • A very succinct intelligent review. It is so refreshing to listen to someone who speaks so clearly and calmly.

  • if this had a micro sd card slot, i would get it. otherwise I'm still leaning towards the galaxy Note 20 ultra 5g

  • 喽膏陡喾娻陡喾 喽溹董喾娻董喾

  • First time a Samsung commercial stopped me in my tracks, I鈥檓 really fw this phone 馃敟馃敟馃敟

  • Z flip 3 = GameBoy Advance SP

  • Nah I鈥檒l just get the New Iphone, but cute phone tho 馃拃

  • I really don't feel like this philp phone is right for me and my hands

  • Plsssss po 馃檵馃檹 so cute cp

  • I'm still rockin my S20 phone! however, if I did not have the S20 then I would definitely get this!

  • That phone is legit and Awesome 馃槸

  • I must be getting old coz I still think a phone for a thousand or higher is obscene! It's a phone not a car Jesus

  • Only last 1 year :)

  • Flip phone reminds me of Motorola. I like this flip phone. It looks cool, fits in the pocket and small bag. BUY!

  • This is pretty cool I like a smartphone flip phone idea

  • why would you want to fold your smartphone in half. what benefits does it bring. just a bit pointless

    • New camera stand functionality Protects the main display Better for calling Nostalgia factor Looks cooler

    • Portability i guess, and aesthetic. Not worth it in my opinion. That crease would drive me crazy.

  • might wait for flip 4

  • if I had no choice I would change from iPhone to this it鈥檚 the only andriod I would get

    • @marques brownlee no

  • Really like it

  • So what should I buy??? Flip 3 or iPhone 馃摫 13pro max? Which one is better to use. 馃馃槼

    • Get the flip. It has much much more features

  • The only android that I鈥檓 considering buying

  • But what about cases? It鈥檒l make it way too bulky for a pocket folded with a case.

  • the battery quickly goes down

  • 03:20 : what a fU@% was that on the left?!

  • Great video. Thank you. I would like you to say how long does the battery ... hold (? what's ne word) but I can check it online.

  • I love this phone sm 馃槶 I just prefer the apple software, the phones on the other hand, SAMSUNG IS SM BETTER

  • Can someone please explain to me the appeal of a folding smartphone, I just don鈥檛 get it.

    • you can have the phone opened like a laptop, and thats has benefits, like watching video, taking pictures, front and back. also the back screen can be used to see yourself so you can take pictures with the back cameras. theres several benefits that adds up. you wouldnt know unless you use it for a while, then you begin to see the logic.

  • I feel bad for the people who spend 1k on a phone every year it's such a waste

  • Por favor, desde Argentina, que precio, gracias.

  • Bro 999 In which I know it's not Dubai 999dhirams phone won't have all these features

  • Superb

  • If iPhone did this people would say it's unique and go crazy . iPhone is so overrated (even though I have one lol)

  • Say no more fam im buying the tomorrow

  • Careful with the flip, I have caught my finger in it a few times.

  • Remember the Motorola v3 ? 馃樆馃樆馃樆馃樆

  • Do you need a screen protector for the outer cover screen (small screen) as well? Between, I have applied the Spigen Tough Armor cover on the phone.

  • Thinking about it does screens like these folding phone have screen protectors how would that work

    • yes its got durable plastic screen protector, and youre not supposed to take it off.

  • bro i can have that phone the one that you use to review馃槏.. honestly cant affort that kind of phone..

  • It cost $499 now

  • The Z series are like the touch version of Nokia flipping keypad phones