Surface Laptop Studio Impressions: Windows 11 With a Twist!

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Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio
That shirt!
The Verge's Windows 11 Review:

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Laptop provided by Microsoft for video.



  • why not just get a ipad?

  • Hp folio, but surface

  • JESUS i know you love me. please give me the opportunity to love you back , to hug you back , to welcome you back into my heart. 🏡💜🎈

  • Personally with my surface book 3 I'm using tablet mode (connected or disconnected) 90% of the time at home until I need work that requires the keyboard. For me I can't live without the tablet mode stuff. I just wish more of the software I use had it (Looking at you blender!). For me this stuff is a toy at home, that lets me travel for actual work if I need to.

  • Hello! Will you be doing a full review of this after using for a little while?

  • MICROSOFT the best 🔥

  • When I saw the thumbnail I thought that this was a iPad Pro with the magic keyboard

  • Without the bottom layer it would be like a thousand times better.

  • Khaby reference spotted 😂😂

  • How many gb does it hold?

  • Literally came straight from that Doug review of the Civic to here haha

  • 1599 what a joke tech world is not thinking that not everyone what to spend that kind of money same goes for apple

  • I can't say I'm a fan 😅

  • the half way down mode seems very useful for watching content on those tiny desks on a plane

  • Even this lap looks small in marq's hands...😂

  • Marques: This is like the MacBook pro, *procedes to mention no sd card slot*. Apple: Oh yeah, now I remember what ports are.

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  • This is interesting and innovative. However, just like Marques mentioned in a previous video about LG. LG was always bold in making their products (For example: the LG Wing, LG Flex, and LG Dual Screen Smartphone). So how successful do you think the Surface Laptop Studio will be? (This is research for an anthropology class, if you would like to remain anonymous let me know).

  • Intro 0:05

  • Windows devices are just trash

  • One word ... Garbage

  • 2:25 DOUG PLUG

  • and this laptop.......

  • Can you plz drop this at my home I will use it for my computer programming it's my request

  • When I eat in front of my laptop, I always cover the keyboard with paper so foodstuffs can't make it dirty. With this laptop, it has a built-in anti foodstuffs mode!

  • Yeah

  • I cant be the only one that thinks the design of this laptop is way better than the new Macbook Pro.

  • i am very excited to see your comparison between surface laptop studio and surface book 3

  • The intro is sick!!!

  • way too pricey


    • for the first time i feel like he is the wrong person to review this product. i would love to see someone really into drawing and art review this.

  • i do wonder as time goes on and alot of use of the hinge being flipped down in tablet mode, im curious if the hing will begin to pop up when the laptop is closed. at :37 u can see how the middle isnt completely flat. And if there is a possibility of the bottom of the screen scratching the keypad area when moving it into the stage mode.

  • Why didn't you show/discuss the power adapter/cable? MS has these bricks with lan, hdmi, usb ports and what not...

  • 2 USB-C ports. Yeah you're gonna need a hub. That'll give you USB-A, hdmi, SD and more ports. Or use the Microsoft adapter on the power cable end.. And why would you think of a wired mouse? This thing deserves the MS wireless devices.

  • Soo basically the Acer Concept 3D Esel? Love that Microsoft is inspired by Acer, I think it'll be a great for me, as a UX Designer.

  • Really,the first eye when I saw it,I thought it was a iPad 😂

  • iPad Pro with Magic keyboard really changes the market quite a bit. Now, every now and then, competitors came up with something similiar to it. If Ben Franklin is never an issue, the point is we’re this be able to replace iPad or iPad replace the laptop who try to replace the iPad? 😂

  • So i want to know if 512GB SSD would be enough these days. And does it satisfy price to performance ratio in case of SSD?

    • 256GB is absolutely not enough, 512GB can be reasonable. But 1TB is Ideal. I got a Surface Book 3 with 256gb, and i have to keep most of my working files on a portable SSD. but honestly considering how huge Unity's library folder gets even that might be a stretch .

  • So i want to know if 512GB SSD would be enough these days. And does it satisfy price to performance ratio in case of SSD?

  • So i want to know if 512GB SSD would be enough these days. And does it satisfy price to performance ratio in case of SSD?

  • Marquees appreciates windows 11 a lot, kinda. Me noticing 17% performance degradation

  • Apple sucks. Can't do anything. Big toys.

  • what the heck is that port on the right side. is that not an sd card slot?

  • Honestly as a Android/Windows user, I think I'd still be more inclined to get a M1 air. For the price it's hard to find a device with that kind of thin and light form factor with such good build quality. If I wasn't broke though either this or an XPS device would probably be my choice though.

  • Loved the intro and exit song. Madlib is the goat

  • Linus and Justine and Jenna all say the speakers are good. You're the only one I've heard say they're bad. Confusing.

  • Terrible laptop, had the i5 processor version and have since returned it. Too heavy, thick, and slow. Order a Dell XPS 15 9510 OLED instead.

  • why you not just using an iPad instead? is a lot better hardware 😊

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    • 4436

    • 741

  • Youre an apple fanboy stick to that marques, biased review.. this laptop shits on the macbook m1 in everyway. lol

  • I never wanted to click this video and once I accidentally clicked, till 07:34 I realised after watching specs, well this laptop was bullshit, I wasted my 7 minutes

  • Me my first thought.. CAN I GAME ON IT???!!

  • Once again, Microsoft keeps copying Apple.

  • Low-end specs for high-end prices? Hmm… 🤔🤨 Must be inflation!🤷🏾‍♂️🧔🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  • No high-end specs? ☝🏾🧔🏾‍♂️ Well… No high-end 💰 💴 Money! 😠

  • The problem with using this as a tablet is that it is bulky and heavy, which defeats a lot of the benefits of a tablet.

  • Sony SVF series, 10 years ago, now the companies make copies those beautiful designs

  • If you would draw you’d know that the studio mode looks like drawing tablet mode and that’s one of the thing it’s for

  • Hi. 2021 calling. "MacBook level" means no touch screen, no pen, no dedicated graphics, and the list goes on, and on, and on. Who TF would compare a Surface anything to a MacBook and then complain about things that DON'T EXIST on anything Mac related. *DOWN VOTE*

  • if you do slide it in the wrong way 🙄

    • Industrial Designer here- I've been a surface book user since 2015 (Now on SB3) - I can't wait to upgrade. I have a dedicated workstation for complex stuff- but mostly I use my SB3 for everything. The Surface Laptop Studio allows me to do even more by not throttling the performance with detachable tablet features. Stoked.

  • For the first time, Samsung and Apple are trying to guess how Microsoft came up with this concept 😅😂😅😂😅😂

  • lol, iPad Pro magic keyboard style stolen by Microsoft

  • I used a Sony Vaio laptop on 2013 just like this. Its not a brand new concept

  • You should do a video reviewing the looking glass portrait, which you undoubtedly have heard about by now. I think everyone would be curious to see what you think of the new holographic tech.

  • Looks like more of the same from Microsoft. Another over-engineered product with no proper applications available to take advantage of its design features. I'm glad to see the detachable tablet concept has been replaced with something more viable, but I'd still be weary of forking out on this if you need it to fit into an existing creative workflow.

    • @Jessica💋 Sweety Hotgirl - Vlogs I wasn't talking about the ports. I was talking about a Laptop that pretends to be a drawing easel and blocks the keyboard, yet most applications designed to run on it require access to the keyboard, to allow you to do things like sample paint colours or set a clone source point in Photoshop. Which means you have to use it as a laptop anyway, and a regular laptop would be more powerful and cheaper.

  • i have never suscribed to someone so fast

    • As a full-stack developer , I love this form factor and I am using Surface Book 3. I can code and design both in one device which I can carry with me anywhere. What else would I want? :D

  • Thank you for the video 📹 peace ✌

  • That pen cool 😎

  • They crazy that cost too much money 🤔

  • That laptop to expensive cost too much 🙄🤔

  • The laptop looks awesome

  • I like that it's folds like a tablet and it looks 👌

  • That cool 😎 👌 it turn into a tablet

  • The Microsoft computer looks like great a 👍 laptop 💻

  • Was about to buy a Microsoft surface 6 years ago but ended up buying a toshiba laptop

  • what is the big opening on the right side? it looks like an SD card slot is it not?

  • 6:15 khaby lame?

  • That would be amazing for Lightroom and Photoshop stuff... especially with that form factor!

  • nice video thanks

  • It looks too fragile. And OMG I'm starting to get tired of hearing "creators", "creative", "content creators"...aside from few professional producers and artists, rest are just repackaging and recombining stuff that's already made. ILaward, tiktok and instagram are the "poor man's entertainment".

  • It might just be me....but its bugging me that he keeps looking at his camera monitor rather than directly at the camera most of the time.

  • What is this apple watch band? Can anyone help

  • Gg

  • I don't mind having multiple devices, so this sort of thing definitely isn't for me. But I suppose it is pretty cool for people who want to use their device in different configurations and not have to put their laptop away and pull out an iPad.

  • correct me if I'm wrong but there seem to be an SD slot on the right...?

  • thanks for perfect review ! I really want to buy this excellent laptop.

  • 9:13 MKB was thinkin naughty 🤣

  • I guess the Surface team is smoking crack now? Remember when they released awesome sleek devices? What happened? In tablet mode this looks like a straight up pile of garbage.

  • A trashy product !

  • Pls can I get this laptop that you used for the review

  • Dope product and video ✊🏾✌🏾

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  • It’s trying to be an iPad

  • I really like this machine perfect and combo system 👌

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  • lol, windows more and more look like mac

  • Man this is beautiful

  • The laptop is amazing.

  • So much effort for the intro! Makes me appreciate even more the reviews!

  • Whats the slot for next to the headphone jack?