The Tesla Bot: Explained!

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Tesla announced a 5 foot 8 humanoid robot. Here's WHY.

That shirt!

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  • Said sentient in the first sentence.... What?

  • my first thought: the world is going to end

  • A human form allows to invest in only one design for all the task we can imagine, instead of a different design for only a few limited tasks, there is not point of comparison. Of course to emulate the human shape will end with the "virtual" obsolescence of the human being but that is already something unstoppable at this point.

  • You're missing the point... if you upload your consciousness, you will need an endless supply of robotic bodies for when you are off the net

  • Give it 4 arms!

  • I'm agree with you. This was a show for Wall Street.

  • If it can Clean my house then he'll yeah I'll buy it 5 kids 5 dogs my wife and I would have alot of free time to do other things instead of cleaning every free moment we get away from work. So to families like mine this makes sense at least in my opinion.

  • They need to make one with bewbs.

  • Tesla is the Skynet of the future! Perfect targets and I'm locked and loaded ready to take them down!


  • Look at another way. Build a cyber truck let all the buyer pay for the R&D then in future let people know it was the moon and Mars rover. Build a robot let all the buyers R&D it for you as in end will send 100 up in Starship and have them there to build base before people go.

  • Think the key take here is.... Adaptation. Whilst I agree the human form is not as beneficial as a dedicated instrument designed for a single purpose. One incredible thing about the human form is it's ability to adapt quickly to a wide number of applications. Elon even said himself, there has been some limitation in his production line due to small processes that take time to design out with purpose built machinery. Also, I think it's worth considering his aspirations for Mars. It would be a lot easier to manage construction requirements with this type of solution over designing complex and sustainable life support systems required for a smaller human crew to go to the red planet and build out a habitable infrastructure. A humanoid would be the perfect solution for such a requirement. Imagine the payload for such a mission. 1000 folded up robots within a starship payload, compared to say, a 20 man crew? I know which is likely to get the job done faster. Also many repetitive business applications would benefit from such a concept. Maybe the idea of having a robot to grab headphones from downstairs is not really the use case he had in mind. I for one am happy to see him actively setting standards in one of the most dangerous and un-legislated future industries. The fact the designs already demonstrate safety limitation, shows a level of responsibility that's much needed in it's type of application.

  • Detroit become human looking real nice right now

  • Excellent video however you missed the financial aspect of it. There are unlimited reasons why you want to manipulate your balance sheet.

  • I agree it's inefficient but c'mon it's time we had advanced humanoid robots

  • If I do a crime, would my tesla bot take the blame? Tesla bot: Sir, it was me me: Tesla bot: Don't worry sir, they can only hang my hardware * digital wink *

  • Your tesla bot can't even drive your tesla for you. I mean, will it just sit in and turn on self driving? duh

  • Tesla is a 100 times the size of Boston dynamic So 1% of the company Could be working on this Might Get will Boston dynamites is And in a year What if they use 5% or 10% Is 10 billion I think that they can do a lot

  • They want a robot to multitask, not for just one task. The car is just a car and cannot do anything else. A humanoid robot can do what humans can. That's the whole idea.

  • 👽🦾

  • Connectomics

  • Tesla transformers go

  • It must be human form to bond and accept it. These will accompany people on long space flights and space stays, it's the comfort of not feeling as alone, it's very important for mental health on these planned space missions

  • i thaught having matte black shoes was a good thing but now marques has chalanged me with his tshirtt

  • That video with atlas was a rendering of ut doing parkour

  • The robots are coming inside everyone's homes, I think we all see that. Look at those Cortana, Alexa and those listening devices by Amazon/FB, etc. The next selling point is "Oh, you need a carer, a personal helper" and in comes the personal robot. Paid on a monthly subscription. It will just be like another domestic appliance, but in human form because we find it easier to get on with things that look like humans! Tesla is that big robotic corporation we saw in the movie I,Robot in the making.

  • "I don't know if this Tesla bot is such a good idea....I mean, will it come in matte black?"

  • They are lying it’s definitely for some secret project😂

  • The only reason to make a humanoid robot is only for the human itself. Not for work not for efficiency but for the image of oneself.


  • It's just obvious humans are the flagship design of the greatest designer (god), so it would be a success by just trying to mimic it.

  • I’m not sure how it works in the US but here in Europe we can order our groceries online and have them delivered to our home/office at an exact time

  • They are creating another White Zetsu

  • Real good explanation man! Thank you so much. 👍

  • so the thing about Tesla is that they are using the cars to build a software system that can learn really fast in a natural environment. They are constantly getting better at making software lean faster and if you apply that to the robots then they might be able to learn stuff really fast and be able to apply that to everyday tasks.

  • I don't want to Weeb-out but when it comes to Elon Musk. I'm allowed to. So can i finally get a Waifu bot.

  • Your "ideal" way is just wrong. Yeah, if you have the funds you make a robot that is made for a certain task, but then that robot can't do anything else. But then you end up with a million god damn robots just to clean your fucking house. The goal is to make a universal robot that can work basic jobs and use existing infrastructure without needing to upgrade everything.

  • They make it slow and weak so you can “outrun” or “overpower” it. Let’s see how that goes

  • Yo long lost Black Faced Racist Daddy

  • the funniest thing is the background image on the computer behind him

  • Mate you're making no sense at all ??? They're not just robots, they'll be our servants or you can say slaves, just like Irobot movie and Detroit become human game.

  • Bruh if they make it to were u can out run it then they also thinks its going to turn evil 😂

  • I think your right about how the Tesla Bot wont be the most efficient but i think they want the robot do do multiple tasks not just be designed for 1

  • Tesla announced concept art.

  • I first thought there is no real application for this. Thought about it more and could see a company like tesla "leasing" these robots to companies like Amazon to work in their warehouses. Working 24/7, they could replace warehouse workers all together eventually. Training data could be obtained by workers wearing a "sensor suit".

  • Hear me out, look up mitchels vs machines, see the resemblance?

  • On the "looking for headphone" question, a tesla bot not in human form can just as easy google like Alexa, and look around to find a headphone... A Tesla Teacher bot in human form can write on a chalkboard/whiteboard or inteface with students laptops, celllphone, pc, or zoom and "teach"...may not be as college professor level but kindergarden and elementary grades in certain subjects.

  • I honestly won't be surprised if Tesla is playing a long shot to use what they learn about engineering a humanoid robot to create prosthetics compatible with Neuralink. Or at least something along those lines. Even just what they learn from the AI specialized for humanoid limbs could give them an edge in mitigating limitations in the fidelity/accuracy of prosthetic limb- or Neuralink hardware. Admittedly that would mean Tesla is playing a very long game, but we shouldn't forget the value of what the company and its engineers can learn from a challenge such as creating a humanoid robot, which can't be easy. But let's see if that "sometime next year" promise isn't an Elon-Year™ and ends up being 2024. Creating artificial/robotic human limbs with enough fidelity is a very difficult task, one that Neuralink with its focus on the chip itself and a way to safely, efficiently, and cheaply insert it, can't justify focusing on yet. But Tesla with its focus on AI has the perfect excuse to research and develop the tech, even if only crudely at first. They got some time yet until Neuralink is ready and there's plenty of applications in manual labor that aren't worth developing specialized robots for -- grabbing hoses for example -- which a humanoid robot is perfectly adequate for, but still versatile enough to also take on other, possibly completely different tasks. It allows them to invest in this tech and get a head start on AI-driven robotics as well as humanoid robotics for other applications such as prosthetics. Heck, at some point (not in the immediate future) we might perhapspossiblymaybe even be able to directly control humanoid robots through brain-computer interfaces like Neuralink. It sounds like science fiction, I know, but with AI taking care of most subconscious systems and with Neuralink already having demonstrated monke's being able to learn to control a "game" with their thoughts -- essentially using a limb they never had -- it stands to reason that the neuroplasticity of our brains can allow us to learn to control "extra limbs" as well, perhaps even an entire body. Not that Neuralinks demo was the first to suggest that but it's one of the most recent ones. Although that far into the future I would expect that AI is already advanced enough to make manual control unnecessary so who knows if that'll even be relevant at that point anymore. Either way I believe investing in research like that will worth it. Be it for menial and manual tasks that can be replaced by a humanoid robot like that, or just for the lessons that can be learned from designing it. At best, it reduces manual labor and brings us closer to universal basic income by reducing the need for human workforces. At worst, we'll have learned a bunch of stuff about robotics and AI. I'm down for it

  • Neuralink + Humanoid Robot = Surrogates (2009) ;p

  • We love you Musskkk what a Genius man

    • The "humanoid" thing is the whole point IMO. The idea seems to be to avoid countless robots when one can adapt like you and do lots of things. It could drive your "normal" car around like a Tesla does AND walk your dog AND pick up its poop using the same bags you would use.

  • In the future criminals wont be humans just hackers exploiting the worst in Ai ! Always gotta see the evil potential as well not only positives well unless you live in a box .

  • Remember when Elon used to be against the development of AI?

  • This may be useful if someone's making scifi movies. Imagine a movie with rogue A.I. where our heroes use guns and blast thru dozens of these with real guns.

  • where’s model 2 tho

  • Can I get a guarantee that it won’t be an antivaxxer?

  • The human form works good for a human environment (home and work place). This wouldn't be a perfect tool but a general tool. Fill gaps between things. It doesn't wash the dishes, it just fills then empties the dishwasher afterwards walks off to empty the robot vacuum into the trash can 🗑️ Basically, is the robot version of a crescent wrench. Yeah it's not perfect, but it can handle pretty much any size bolt 🔩

  • Let's see.... : Clean the house. Cook dinner. Wash the dishes. Pack up to move. Install my new furniture. Do the gardening. Walk the dog. Do the laundry. Clean the fish tank. Take out the trash. Paint the room. Grab toilet paper from the other bathroom. Fix my car. Vacuum and mop the floor. I'd rather have just one robot for all that.

  • You can outrun IT , but can you outgun it ? :P

  • I'm disappointed that when mentioning humanoid robots Daft Punk (rip) was not mentioned

  • If the learning curve is exponential, the growth curve can go vertical...

  • the whole purpose for a human like robot is to put a proverbial finger in the eye go the Creator God. if they are successful in their Goal they could upload Human "consciousness" and technically live forever and there my friend is the finger. the caveat is that they did not "create" anything but merely reconfigure (Bastardize_ the Creator handiwork . This would fulfill prophecy in the book of Revelation 9:6 " And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them".

    • Your take on this seems like a contradiction since you start out by saying our world has been designed around the human form and our ergonomics, but in the same breath, claim that the human form is very inefficient? If you wanted to make a general purpose robot and not a robot that's only good at 1 thing, the human form is what you want.

  • It's Raised by Wolves. He's got the space company; with Mother and Father we're out of here. Plus I do enjoy Father's creatively witty jokes.

  • Ever play Detroit?

  • Are we not gonna talk about the dangers of this AI wise?

  • Tesla has still no self driving car. Merely a level 2 Assist. Please keep it real.

  • Elon Musk : Ai is scary. Also Elon Musk : builds Terminator.🤷‍♂️

  • To me it would make sense for the bot to be connected with google and other information engines that will constantly keep images and information of our human world updated keeping it informed on how things look and work. Think about it. Online a bot such as can get manuals for any product if it wants to know how to fix something or as you say how a product looks, google and many platforms have pictures and videos it can easily access. Take siri for example or hey google, you ask them a question and instantly they can create a response for you based on what information is gathered. But im pertty sure elon will have his own software similar to those that would be able to work just like that. Example: tesla bot go get my air pods max downstairs, it instantly access web information on what they are and combine it with your command, scan environment and realize its upstairs judging by elevation, goes downstair scan environment to see where they are but now what of you hide them or mis placed. That leads to another question, will it connect to all your devices and always know where they are but if its connected all the time what about privacy issues, im in too deep huh. But i get your point completely

  • That daft punk helmet tho

  • And the next scam from elon musk is here...... good luck with 1 year LOL and the self driving is on level 2, Thats a JOKE. No really thats so bad. And yes they promised it would be level 5 like 2 year's ago. And that makes just a other promise that was lied about like everything elon musk does. Wake up.... sheeps

  • Tesla won't produce a robot in your lifetime. Just like they didn't produce underground tunnels with vehicles running over 500 mph.

  • Can't own human slaves in America but you can force slaves in less developed countries to mine resources for and build robotic slaves for you while so you can sit on your ass all day and game the stock market to fund you bad habits.

    • The humanoid figure is to integrate into the human environment and to be muli-taskable so you can have one robot do everything instead of multiple one-purpose built robots

  • Good for nursing homes. Ill wager it will be Japan the 1st country to properly use actual human like robots. They already have some experimental bots, but, they don't have something like Atlas. An all rounder. Able to perform all manner of tasks. Including interacting with the Elderly.

  • When it say “i’ll be back”, i’m out.

  • wow

  • In human form, they will assume humanity, obviously.

  • The fact that people take this nonsense seriously, speaks volumes about the general level of scientific illiteracy.

  • only 5’8?! pfttt what a beta 😤

  • Tesla bot: “We are humans. For example, we consume food in the traditional human manner. Observe.” *pushes orange on their screen until it pops* “Yum yum good. Yum yum, good.”

  • I disagree with you. The Human-shaped-Robot is the best form because as you said "the world is built around us" and now we proceed making a robot for exactly this world. Needing a different robot for different taskes requires a lot more robots, software, hardware and the like.

  • Just like Real Steel. They'll change over time.

  • actually the first thing i thought of instead of why tesla was daft punk returns

  • I think Elon knows human shaped robots arent efficient. But I think he just wants to leave a mark on the world and for him bringing electric cars to the masses is just the beginning. I think he wants to be known for something way more exotic... go to mars.... make robots a thing

  • ngl, Elon often comes up with impractical and sometimes stupid ideas

  • why you delete my comment??

  • Dafuq

  • My question is if these are supposed to be walking around in a store how often are they gonna get stolen

    • Caught on video by Teslabot

  • Elon Musk is a robot and it doesn't like us, and hence he is doing this, slowly it will be terminator salvation all over us. 😭

  • I robot

  • This man is the big brain man

  • They should make humanize robots for Amazon

    • Seems more efficient to have a human robot who can learn new skills than a different robot for everything you don’t want to do.

  • Yeah for the robot to understand things better

  • New technology is great but there a difference

  • Yeah this car looks like a great future

    • The humanoid figure is to integrate into the human environment and to be muli-taskable so you can have one robot do everything instead of multiple one-purpose built robots.

  • Yo bro... the Tesla Bot is NOT really for Earth! It's for colonizing MARS!!

  • I think Elons' goal ultimately is to make people dream. Believe it's possible. I don't think He's thought it through...IMO

  • cant wait for the Tesla s3x sl4ve bot

    • I just want to know how long can it run for 5mph? Maybe I can outrun it but it’ll eventually catch up with me 🤔

    • “It has a max speed of 5Mph , so you can outrun it” Tesla bot: "Human has a maximum speed at 0Mph when asleep"

  • Humanoid robots will be able to use all the tools and infrastructure that already exist and is built for humans, it's not efficient if you want to make some robot pick a banana for you, but also no one will build a robot that specializes in picking bananas... that being said this humanoid robot can be in anyone's home without having changes made, go downstairs, pick a banana, go back upstairs and hand it over. (Which is the worst reason to have a robot if you can do it yourself, go pick you own freaking banana)

  • Well, what about factories?

  • Teslabots: we gonna make this world like FNAF

  • It's pathetic to take it seriously. Musk is getting worse with his mental health apparently. Man what's wrong with host? You have so many subs and you are so naive? Atlas is hidden because outside demos it fells a lot. And it fells not like a human but like a metal trash bin. And Tesla bot... it's the way how Musk borrow money from hipsters. It's so old trick... be generous with promises. And privileged morons still buys it. If Musk is future of humanity than future is fucked so hard...

    • The "humanoid" thing is the whole point IMO. The idea seems to be to avoid countless robots when one can adapt like you and do lots of things. It could drive your "normal" car around like a Tesla does AND walk your dog AND pick up its poop using the same bags you would use.